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Take a break ...

Posted by Admin on Sat 11 Jul 2020 6:03pm

... while we migrate.

We'll soon be updating and migrating win4free to new servers. This includes code, databases and security. In theory, this can all be done with no, or very little, downtime. In practice, things do get missed and things do go wrong! So, to play it safe, we are going to take the site offline for a few days so we can thoroughly check and test that everything works as it should.

When we return nothing will have changed. Your login details will be the same and any existing draw entries will have been retained.

We intend to be offline from around midday on Wednesday 15 July and should return sometime on Monday 20 July.

Server Upgrade

Posted by Admin on Tue 14 May 2019 9:06pm

Our hosting provider has informed us that they will be undertaking server upgrade work on Wednesday 15th May / Thursday 16th May. The work is scheduled to start at 9:00pm UK time on the 15th and last for approximately 5 hours. During this period you may experience issues when accessing win4free.

This upgrade work may also impact the scheduled job that resets your games play allowances each day. If this job fails to run then we will manually trigger the job early on Thursday morning.

Hopefully the upgrade work will have limited impact and any inconvenience will be minimal.

Updated T&C's

Posted by Admin on Wed 1 May 2019 6:09pm

Today we've seen a surge of new accounts opened from the same IP address using disposable email addresses ( These email addresses typically only allow messages to be received, do not allow messages to be sent and only last a few days. These accounts have now been deleted.

There is no legitimate reason to use this type of email address with a site such as win4free so we've added the following clause (8) to our Terms & Conditions:

"Accounts must be registered and maintained using a valid email address. Disposable (temporary) email addresses are not allowed and any account opened using such an email address will be deleted."

This update will have no impact to most members.

If people do attempt to cheat then we'll spot it and stop it!

Flash Draws

Posted by Admin on Thu 11 Apr 2019 7:57am

Our first flash draw is now live!

Flash draws can happen at any time and last for just one day (midnight to midnight). To enter the draw you just need to visit the flash draw page. All members who do visit the flash draw page today will have an equal chance of winning, you won't get any more entries if you visit more than once.

Some of you have already found our flash draw page and gained entry into the draw. For those that haven't, you can access the page from the Special Draws section of the Play page.

The draw will take place before 10:00am tomorrow. To see who's won just visit the Draw Winners page. You can access this from the footer section of any page.

We're letting you know about the flash draw today as it's our first one but we won't alert you about future draws - when we've got an active flash draw you'll always find a link to it on the Play page.

Good luck to all who do enter our first flash draw.

We're Back!

Posted by Admin on Mon 1 Apr 2019 9:00am

Welcome to the new look win4free. We're up and running again, later than expected but here at last!

We're relaunching with three regular draws. Two of these are games (simply play these to win draw entries) and the third is our referral draw. We're also giving everyone who registers before the end of May entry into our special relaunch draw. You can find out more by accessing our games and draws from the Play page.

We're not starting with large draw payouts as we need to keep a close eye on our expenses. We have to pay for hosting this website, any site content that we need to pay for and, of course, the cash prizes. Our income will just be from ad revenue and that isn't initially expected to be very much. We'll increase our draw prizes and our draw frequency (from monthly to weekly) when we can afford to. You can help with this by encouraging others to join and if you're lucky you may even win the referral draw.

Once registered it's worth spending a little time familiarising yourself with your account settings where you can manage all aspects of your membership. We all know how important personal data and privacy is these days so we've included a Personal Data Statement in your account. This explains what data we hold about you, why we need it, what we do with it and how long we keep it. It's not too lengthy as we don't really need much more than an email address to make your account work.

Your account settings is also the place to find your email preferences. If you want us to send you a daily play reminder email or a service announcement email (we'll tell you about any anticipated site downtime or when we make any significant site changes) then you'll need to opt-in to receiving either or both of these as we won't email you unless you ask us to do so.

We've tested everything and are confident that all seems to work OK but it's inevitable that something's been missed. Please bear with us over these first few weeks while we resolve any issues and get the site running smoothly.

We do hope you register and join us, it only takes a minute, and good luck in our draws if you do become a member.

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