Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common win4free questions.

If you can't find the answer here then feel free to contact us or leave a message on the chat page (available to registered users) and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


Yes it is. The games will always be free to play and the draws will always be totally free to enter. Prizes are funded by the revenue generated from the adverts that appear on this website. The more players we have, the higher this revenue becomes and the more we can pay out in cash prizes.

No, absolutely not. There are no costs involved in playing the games and entering the draws hence no money is at risk.

Yes it is. We use HTTPS to ensure that the interaction between you and us via this website is as secure as possible.

HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) is the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and this website. The 'S' at the end of HTTPS stands for 'Secure' and means all communication between your browser and this website is encrypted.

If you register with us then we only collect a minimum amount of data from you - just that required for your account to operate. Our UK based hosting provider ensures that your data is kept safe and secure at all times keeping it protected from internet based threats. All server software is kept up to date with the latest security software to ensure protection against the latest threats.


Only those aged 18 years or older can register and play the games and enter the draws. By registering you are confirming this eligibility condition.

There are no geographical restrictions on member location and we welcome players from all countries. Some countries and territories do, however, impose restrictions on using a service where a cash prize can be won and as such you are responsible for ensuring that you are allowed to use a website such as this before registering.

No. Membership is strictly limited to one account per person. Anyone found to have multiple accounts will have access to those accounts removed.

We only use your email address to activate and manage your account. We do not use it for marketing or promotional purposes and will never pass it on to any other parties.

Not necessarily. When you register we create 2 emails in your account, your Account Email and your PayPal Email. These are both initially set to the email address that you register with. If your PayPal address is different you can easily change it later in the Profile section of your Account Settings.

Your Account

No. The username you chose at registration is fixed and can never be changed.

Go to the Profile section of your Account Settings. Complete the 3 password fields (current password, new password and confirm new password). You can leave all other fields unchanged. Click the Update button to submit your changes.

You'll find a link to get a new password on the Account Login page. Use this link to access the Password Reset page. Enter your Username and Account Email (the one you registered with or the one you subsequently changed it to) and click the Get New Password button.

We will email you a new password within a few minutes. We then advise you login to your account with this new password and change it to a more memorable one.

Go to the Profile section of your Account Settings. Change the email(s) you wish to update. You can leave all other fields unchanged. Click the Update button to submit your changes.

Pass your referral link to others and if they register with us we'll reward you by giving you one more entry in our Refer a Friend regular draw for each new member you successfully refer.

You can find your unique referral link in the Referrals section of your Account Settings and on the Refer a Friend draw page.

Only those members who have an open account are included in your referrals. If someone who you've referred closes their account then they will no longer be included. We also regularly delete inactive accounts. If a member hasn't visited this site for 60 or more days then we will remove their account. This can also reduce your referrals.

In the Preferences section of your Account Settings you'll find your current email subscription status; ON (subscribed) or OFF (not subscribed). You can then toggle your subscription ON or OFF. Click the Update button to submit your changes.

Go to the Delete Account section of your Account Settings. Click the Confirm Account Closure button to confirm your wish to close your account. We will then close your account and delete your personal data within 48 hours.

Games & Draws

Our regular draws are held at just before midnight on the last day of each month. Our special draws are held at varying times, exact details can be found on the individual draw pages.

Each draw entry is allocated a unique sequential number. At the time of the draw a random number is generated between 1 and the maximum draw entry number (the last sequential number allocated). The owner of the draw entry number matching this randomly generated number becomes the draw winner.

We only offer cash prizes. The current prize amounts in GB pounds (GBP) are always shown towards the top of each draw page.

After each draw has ended we publish winner details (Username) on the draw page. For our regular draws, winner details will only be shown on the draw page for 24 hours following the end of the draw (1st day of the following month only). For our special draws*, winner details will be shown permanently on the draw page or until the draw is rerun.

We also publish winner details for all draws (regular and special) on the Draw Winners page. These details are shown permanently.

* Our special flash draws do not show winner details on the draw page after the draw has ended as the draw page is no longer available. For these draws you'll need to check the Draw Winners page to see who's won.

If you win any draw then you'll find all the details in the Win History section of your Account Settings.

No, you don't need to claim. If you've won then you'll receive your prize money soon after the draw has ended.

Absolutely. Your chances of winning are not affected in any way by previous wins.

By PayPal only. Make sure your PayPal Address is correct in the Profile section of your Account Settings. When you register we set this to the email address that you register with but this can be changed at any time.

All our payments are made in GBP (£). If your PayPal account does not accept GBP payments then PayPal will convert payment to an appropriate currency applying their currency conversion rate. PayPal may also apply additional cross border transaction fees for payments to non-UK members.

You should normally receive payment within 48 hours after the draw has ended. If we anticipate any delay in making payments then we will always post an item on the News page explaining the reason for the delay and when payments can be expected.