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Flash Draws

Posted by Admin on Thu 11 Apr 2019 7:57am

Our first flash draw is now live!

Flash draws can happen at any time and last for just one day (midnight to midnight). To enter the draw you just need to visit the flash draw page. All members who do visit the flash draw page today will have an equal chance of winning, you won't get any more entries if you visit more than once.

Some of you have already found our flash draw page and gained entry into the draw. For those that haven't, you can access the page from the Special Draws section of the Play page.

The draw will take place before 10:00am tomorrow. To see who's won just visit the Draw Winners page. You can access this from the footer section of any page.

We're letting you know about the flash draw today as it's our first one but we won't alert you about future draws - when we've got an active flash draw you'll always find a link to it on the Play page.

Good luck to all who do enter our first flash draw.

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It's simply. Just play the games and enter the draws. That's all there is to it! If you win, we pay you. You don't even need to claim your prize so no more worrying about checking draw results and missing claim deadlines.

Our prizes are funded by adverts, they're on most pages of this site but they're not excessive. The more members we have, the larger our revenue is from these adverts, so just help us grow if you want more draws, bigger prizes or both!

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